’s methodology of “download” and “store revenue”.

  • 21 November 2023
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Today, I’ll go through’s methodology and explain it as easy as possible.


  1. Both “download” and “store revenue” estimations are based on the rank history in the app stores (App Store / Google Play Store).

    Download Ranks of “Among Us!” in US (iOS)

    Download estimation in US (iOS)
    In the same way, estimates “store revenue” based on the trend of rank history.
  2. has stored more than 1 million first-party data from all over the world. (From ConnectPlus)


    As you can see, “Among Us!” ranked 26th in Oct 2023 (US). With both the global first-party data and rank history of “Among Us!”, is able to estimate its volume of downloads on a daily basis. 


  1. In essence, this is how estimates “download” and “store revenue”. 


Take Note: has never used first-party data directly for each app’s estimated data on the UI and has always followed SEC compliance.


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Can you better define your revenue methodology? How are you assigning a financial number to the trend of rank history?


For example, when comparing two telecom services, both app are free, one app has a shop tab in the app, whereas the other app does not have commerce in the app. But the non-commerce app is ranked higher in user monetization (store rank vs. user rank) with higher revenue rank than the other app. Super confusing. 


Would love to better understand Store Revenue metric. 

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Hi @hayhaywilwil 

We will only produce revenue estimates if there is in-app revenue for an app. If you are seeing something different in the platform please contact to assist! 




Understanding that iOS allows direct access to an app's revenue data,but what methods are used to estimate revenue for apps on Google Play?