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  • 4 March 2024
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Hi everyone! 


If you're interested in discovering new apps that are becoming popular in a specific market, I highly recommend using the Top Apps Report.

Here's how you can use the Top Apps Report to identify emerging apps in a particular category:

  1. Rank Apps by Downloads: Choose 'weekly' granularity for the date column and select the last two weeks as your time period.
  2. Adjust Filters: Set the view to 'Unified App', select 'All Supported Devices', and for this example, let's choose the US as our geographic location.
  3. Choose Category and Subcategory: Under 'Category', select 'Applications', and for 'Sub Category', choose 'Productivity'.
  4. Sort by Percentage Change: Change the sorting option to 'Downloads Change (%)'.
  5. Set Comparison Period: Choose 'Period over period' for comparison.


Figure 1  disclosed below shows the final outcome. Red boxes outline all the areas that require adjustment from your side. The image is constrained and discloses only top 10 apps sorted by % change in downloads, however, this report will actually produce a list of 1,000 apps.

In my opinion this is a great way to “catch” ascending apps in the 0-50K downloads range for the period selected. Do you agree? Has anyone found other methods to get to the same outcome?

Figure 1



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