Featured apps on Google Play store?

  • 4 December 2023
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Well I was looking in featured apps but one thing was missing & that was the differentiation of featured app on play store & app store. Like we don’t get any filter for separating Featured in Play store or App store. 


1 reply

Hi @Hunter2k19,

It depends on which “Featured App” report you’re looking at. has two types of Featured Reports: One at the market level and one at the single-app level.

The market level report only covers iOS when it comes to Featured Apps. You can read this article here for details. The last sentence of the first paragraph says that we only cover iOS metrics in this report.

On the other hand, the single-app level report also has featured information (though, it’s pretty limited). So if the you want to see featured info for a Google Play/Android version of an app, you need to navigate to the app you’re analyzing and click on the “Featured” report in the side bar. Here’s a screenshot of that for the Google Play version of the “Monopoly Go!” app:


Hope this helps!