How do you select multiple apps to compare without clicking one-by-one?

  • 18 July 2023
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I often find myself creating groups of apps to conduct analyses on, generally because I’m looking at a specific segment that’s not defined by or because I have a specific type competitor I want to analyze. 

Often, I sift through long lists of apps through reports like the app explorer or top apps, and need to click each app I want to compare ( “Select objects to compare”) or add to a group individually. Is there a faster way to do this?

For example, say I want to select 20+ consecutive apps in a list, my instinct would be to select the first app in the list,  hold down shift, then select the last app in the list of consecutive apps, with the expectation that all the apps in between will be selected. This is not possible though, it simply selects the text in the list instead of the checkboxes. 


2 replies

Hey @AlexJancso ! Great question.

I just chatted with one of our PMs and he informed me that his team is looking at improving the compare/create app group experience, hopefully later this year.

Also, once the Community officially launches in August, we're going to release a new Community page called the Ideas Board. This will become the primary way for users to submit feature requests. We'll then submit them to our Product team for review.

So once that board launches, I'll set a reminder to convert this post into an idea so we can formally submit it to the team. That way, once it's been released, we can update it's status here in the Community and you'll be notified.

Hope this helps for now.

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Cool, thank you @Alex Williams !