How do you track potential threats to your app?

  • 10 January 2024
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Want to keep track of which apps or competitors are bidding for your users? In Addition, do you want to be aware of any potential partnerships based on the Affinity to your Market, Category or even your own App? So, check it out:’s  Cross App Usage Report  helps answer these questions quickly. 

To reach this report

  1. Navigate to our Homepage
  2. Click on the search bar and type the name of the app you are interested in
  3. Select the app version (iOS or Android)
  4. Click on Cross-App/ Web usage report
  5. Select the Country and Date period   
  6. Choose between an App group or a specific Category
  7. Scroll down to the table with the percentage numbers (It represents the percentage of the app's app active user base overlap among the select apps through the filters you set above)





In this example we can easily identify the proportion of Active users from Amazon that also belong to Shein's Active Users base. Change the graph above to a "Line view" you'll be able to see the trends these Active Users have done throughout 2023. 

With this in mind, you will understand the potential threats to your business!



Now, to easily identify the best partnerships to be chosen in the your market, whether they are from the same category or another, do that:

  • Using the same report, click on the first column called "Cross-Mobile Affinity"Definition: The ratio between this app or mobile website's usage within the user base of SHEIN - Shopping Online's versus the general population.


The best way you can read this report is that, compared to the general population, Shein's Active Users are 6x more likely to become Blush Mark's users than any other app in the United States. 


Let me know your thoughts or how you use this report, would love to see other use cases!


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