How to quickly monitor what your competitors are doing

  • 27 November 2023
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In my daily interactions with developers and publishers, one question that often comes up is: How can I quickly monitor what my competitors are doing?


You may not be aware, but we have a very powerful feature on our platform that can perfectly address this issue. Let me introduce you to this feature.


This feature is called Alerts and its entry point is very obvious, yet it is often overlooked by many. You can find its icon in the top right corner. Clicking on it will take you to the alerts creation interface, where you can monitor specific products or competitors, as well as noteworthy emerging products in the market.


There is a lot of customization available here. For example, you can choose to receive an alert when a competitor's store icon changes, or when a specific publisher releases a new product or is in soft launch. Ultimately, these alerts will be sent to you in the form of emails or mobile push notifications (requires installation of the Pulse).


If you want to make any changes to previously created alerts, you can directly access the settings interface and adjust the alerts management.


Note: Creating alerts is a process that requires fine-tuning. If you create too many alerts at a high frequency, your inbox may be flooded with emails from us :)


This is the best practice I wanted to share with you today. Happy exploring!

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