How to Utilize the Align By Launch Date Filter on the Compare Report

  • 1 March 2024
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Using the Compare report can help you compare trends within your customized app group.

Since the launch dates of all the apps differ, the starting dates of the data should also differ.

However, if you wish to standardize the launch dates of all apps and check for trend changes, supports the Align By Launch filter.

By using this filter, you can track changes in trends by aligning all app launch dates to the same time.


Here’s how to reach:

1. Find 'Align By Launch'.


2. Click 'Align By Launch' and select 'Shift lines left'.


By doing this, you can easily observe trend changes over time, with worldwide launches starting on the same line.


💡 Tip: A Worldwide launch is defined as when an app meets one of the following: 1) Release in five or more markets, one of which is the US. 2) Release in China, Japan or South Korea.


Let me know if you have any question about this!

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