Getting started

Getting started
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Welcome to the Community!


We're thrilled to have you join our growing network of mobile enthusiasts and experts. Whether you're just starting your journey or have years of experience, this Community is the perfect place to connect, learn and grow with like-minded individuals.


To help you get started, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines: It's essential to create a positive, helpful and respectful environment for everyone. Please take a moment to review our Community Guidelines which outline our expectations for conduct and engagement within the Community.
  • Ask questions and share best practices: Want to connect with people in your industry? Join a group. Want to discuss topics related to use-case (acquisition, monetization, etc), check out all the forums here.
  • Learn from our resources: The community is your one-stop-shop to learn from your peers, discover courses (coming soon) and read Help Center articles. Use the search bar on the home page to find any and all resources.
  • Move up in the rankings: Show your expertise and become a Community leader! Earn badges, accumulate points and level up by engaging in the Community. Check out the gamification rules to learn more about how it works.
  • Share your suggestions: We value your feedback and suggestions to continually improve our Community. If you have any ideas for new groups, forum categories, or new ways to connect with your peers, please don't hesitate to post in the Community Suggestions thread.


Once again, we’re so happy you’re here and look forward to your active participation in the Community.

We’re excited to build the future of mobile with ai, together.


Alex Williams
Head of Global Customer Community

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