Threads Now Fastest-Growing App In History—With 100 Million Users In Just Five Days

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I would normally post this in the Media and entertainment group, but because Threads just made history, I felt it appropriate to share in This Mobile Moment. 


Forbes just published this article: “Threads Now Fastest-Growing App In History—With 100 Million Users In Just Five Days”


Some of the interesting key facts:

  • By achieving the milestone in less than five days, Threads has overtaken ChatGPT’s record, as the OpenAI chatbot had reached the 100 million mark in two months.
  • Threads’ record-breaking launch has been aided by a simple sign-up process that requires users to log into the app through their Instagram accounts—which is used to populate their profile details and follow lists.
  • Despite being widely viewed as a direct competitor to Twitter, the user experience on Threads is different in many key ways. Most significantly, Meta’s app ditches Twitter’s reverse chronological timeline—which displays posts in real-time—with an algorithmic feed similar to Facebook and Instagram. Posts displayed on Threads’ algorithmic timeline also aren’t limited to the accounts the user follows. Threads is also mobile only, at least for the time being. Another major departure from Twitter is Threads’ decision not to promote hard news or political content.

Has anyone here used Threads yet? If you already have an instagram account, they sure made the account creation process extremely easy. Let us know your thoughts so far.

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