Love and Deepspace 7th most Downloaded Game!

  • 11 March 2024
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Released on January 18th Worldwide, Nikki Inc’s Love and Deepspace quickly climbed to the the 7th most Downloaded Game Worldwide, placing amongst games like Roblox, Free Fire, and Royal Match, based on the Top Apps report from!

Evoking the feel of games like Mystic Messenger and Tears of Themis, Love and Deepspace combines the storybook experience with Action RPG elements reminiscent of Genshin Impact.

Love and Deepspace showcases Nikki Inc’s expertise in graphics and art design seen in their previous games (Shining Nikki and Love and Producer) and packages it in a format that is much more appealing to a broader audience.

This game isn’t falling behind in monetization either. With a Gacha system and a battle pass at its core, Love and Deepspace has already broken the $10 million mark as of January 31! With the focus on the characters, players have a chance to “wish” for alternative versions of the male love interests Rafayel, Zayne, and Xavier.

These changes aren’t limited to cosmetic appearances for our characters either. Combat is an important part of the game as well, where the female-playable character is assisted by our trio of men. Game IQ allows users to view the FTUE and features that make this particular game stand out.

This trend we are seeing in gaming, where more and more mobile games contain open-worlds or 3D combat, is a welcome one. Developers are constantly pushing mobile devices on a level to match current day PC/Console graphics, and with more Open World RPGs releasing this year on mobile, I’m looking forward to what’s to come.



Is graphical fidelity and advancements a topic currently discussed at your company? What are your thoughts on mobile games becoming more and more multi-platform/cross-platform? I’d love to know more from the group!

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