Community guidelines

  • 28 June 2023
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Community guidelines
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Hello and Welcome to the Community!


We’re really happy that you’ve joined and are eager to see this global community grow. In order for the Community to flourish, we’ve created Community Guidelines to keep us aligned, healthy, supportive, and safe.


We’re here to build the best community in the world for digital professionals. The purpose of this community is to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for every member. Let's work together to make this community the best it can be.


Be yourself:

A community is only as authentic as its members. We welcome real usernames, up-to-date profile pictures, and your normal voice and tone in posts. While we strive for professionalism, we invite you to be your genuine, fun, kind, and casual selves.


Be kind, helpful, and optimistic:

We encourage all community members to interact with kindness, provide assistance, and maintain a positive attitude. Treat others with respect and create a welcoming environment for everyone.


Share best practices, ask questions, build your network:

Feel free to share your expertise, ask questions, and engage in discussions about best practices in the digital industry. Building connections and expanding your professional network is highly encouraged.


Learn and contribute:

The strength of this community lies in the willingness of its members to both seek knowledge and share insights. Don't hesitate to contribute by answering questions, offering insights, and sharing your experiences.


Mark "best answer":

If you ask a question and receive multiple answers, we encourage you to mark the best answer after reviewing all the responses. This helps other members easily find the most helpful solution in the future.


Search for answers before asking new questions:

Before posting a new question, please take a moment to search for existing discussions or resources that might already address your query. This helps avoid duplicate topics and ensures the community remains organized.


Share your own content:

You are welcome to share your own content, such as articles, blog posts, or resources that are relevant to the community. However, refrain from sharing photos or images that do not belong to you to respect copyright laws.


Responsibility for content:

You are fully responsible and liable for the content that you post to the Community. You shall not distribute viruses or content that gives you unauthorized access to systems or Community members’ systems. You shall not distribute copyrighted material. You shall not share:

  • Personal information, including:
    • Phone numbers;
    • Email addresses;
    • Physical addresses;
    • Financial information; and
    • Government identification. 
  • Copyrighted material;
  • Your company’s confidential information (including, but not limited to, actual data from your apps or Intelligence service, or material non-public information);
  • Information about your competitors; or
  • Information you do not have the right to share publicly.

In addition to these Community Terms, content that you post to the Community shall also be considered User Submissions under the Terms of Service. 


No inappropriate language:

Any form of abusive, name-calling, NSFW (Not Safe for Work), bullying, explicit, sexual language, or general spam will not be tolerated. Please review the Community Moderation article here to see additional details.


While frustration is understandable, please express your thoughts and concerns in a mature and respectful manner.


No selling:

Please refrain from using the community as a platform to sell your products, integrations, or anything else. The primary focus here is to foster knowledge sharing and professional growth, not commercial activities.


Do not share company data/actuals:
Members have no expectation of confidentiality for any of the content posted in the Community. Therefore, you should refrain from sharing any sensitive company data, financial information, or actuals, or anything else you would seek to remain confidential to your organization or you.


Updating the Community guidelines

We claim the right to update the Community guidelines at any time by posting an update to the guidelines.


The full “Community Terms of service”:

By joining the Community, you are agreeing to the full “Community Terms of Service” that can be found here


By following these guidelines, we can create a thriving community where digital professionals can collaborate, learn, and grow together. Remember, we're all here to support each other and contribute to the collective success of the Community.


If you have any questions about these guidelines, please email


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