Community-Building App Features

  • 13 December 2023
  • 1 reply

Hi all! I’m digging into the app landscape to gain a better understand of the most compelling "community" building and community engagement features. Specifically, I’m hoping to get insight into the following questions:

  • What are the most compelling community-building app features?
  • Beyond social media, which apps are best at offering community-building features for users?

1 reply

Hi @kranally,

I love this question. There were a few features/apps that immediately came to mind for me:

  1. I do Crossfit for my fitness and our gym uses an app called SugarWOD. This is where our coaches will upload what the workouts are. Each posted workout allows for comments which always gets people engaged -- people are always jokingly complaining about how hard the workout is, or they’ll post gifs that correlate with certain movements, etc. Then there’s a place for people to record their scores once they’ve completed the workout. The app ranks people in each category so you can see who had the best time, heaviest lift, most completed rounds, etc. People can “fist bump” each other and comment on each person’s scores too. Again, there’s always a ton of engagement when you see people improving or if someone gets a good score.
  2. Recently, I’ve been using Spotify’s new feature called, “Jams.” In short, it’s a feature that allows you to either invite someone to listen to whatever you’re listening to or join in on whatever someone else is listening to-- basically a listening party. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I open Spotify, it has a little section that says, “Want to join ____’s Jam?” and it would allow me to start listening to whatever that person is listening to. Now, this doesn’t necessarily create engagement with one another in the app, but it does allow me to discover new music and join in with a friends music.
  3. Also - Spotify has a cool feature called “Blends.” You can basically choose a friend of yours to blend with. Spotify looks at all your playlists and most listened to songs and creates a custom playlist of songs you both like listening to. Pretty fun to see where you and another person overlap in song preferences.

If I think of anything else non-social-media I’ll let you know.