Unifying your data with ConnectPlus | Three-part series

  • 1 February 2024
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Unifying your data with ConnectPlus | Three-part series
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Hello data.ai Community,

We’re excited to offer the following three-part series on ConnectPlus by data.ai. The following videos are available for you to watch on-demand at your convenience. If you have any questions, please comment below.


What is ConnectPlus?


First and foremost, ConnectPlus is a FREE data.ai tool offered to all paid and free data.ai users.

ConnectPlus brings all of your app store, business and marketing data into one platform helping you to visualize your mobile performance. It acts as a bridge, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate their App Store and Google Play data with other essential tools such as user engagement metrics, marketing analytics and ad networks.

Unlike using Apple and Google reporting directly, ConnectPlus allows you to unify your data across operating systems and consolidate them with pre and post-install reporting from your additional partners. Integration of your different data sources provides you with a centralized hub for comprehensive app performance analysis. 

With ConnectPlus you have the capability to unite your Apple, Google Play  and even Amazon app store data with usage tools like Google Firebase, user acquisition channels like Facebook or TikTok, and over 25 other ad platforms - all in one, simple dashboard.

Additionally, ConnectPlus brings in data.ai’s proprietary intelligence data so you can benchmark against your competitors and quickly analyze how your apps are performing against the market.


Part 1:

How to Unify your Data and make Data-Driven Decisions with ConnectPlus

In this session, hear from data.ai’s Matheus Camargo, Manager of the Technical Project Management team, as he showcases how to onboard with ConnectPlus and the free reports you get access to.


Part 2:

How Connect Plus Aligns Your Teams with Synergized Data

With ConnectPlus, you can control who has access to your data. Grant permissions or restrict visibility to specific apps in your portfolio to ensure that people in your organization are seeing the data and insights that they need to see and aren’t being distracted by an overwhelming amount of information.


Part 3:

Obtaining Free Revenue Reports with ConnectPlus

With ConnectPlus’ IAP Revenue Insights you unlock new capabilities to analyze your monetization strategy. IAP Revenue Insights gives you a single place to discover how your decisions about In-App Purchases are affecting your revenue and how you can build offerings that entice your users into monetizing.

To avoid inconsistent purchase activity and dips in revenue it’s critical you have a streamlined placed to monitor your revenue.

ConnectPlus resolves this issue by providing you a simple interface to process and visualize your data so you can spend less time with bulk, unorganized data and more time analyzing and optimizing. And best yet, ConnectPlus is no cost and available now.

IAP Revenue Insights are included with every ConnectPlus account. With the combined capabilities of our insights on your data, building a winning monetization strategy is more simple than ever before.

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