State of App Revenue 2023 | Report

  • 11 July 2023
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Have you read the State of App Revenue 2023 Report yet? 

Our team at is thrilled to share our latest app revenue report revealing never-before-seen insights into the complete picture of mobile monetization!





The app economy is worth ~ $500 billion, of which $336B (67%) comes from advertising and $167B (33%) from in-app purchases. Apps including Instagram and TikTok captured roughly 65% of this advertising spend, while games snagged 35%. This is the opposite of the dynamic seen with in-app purchases, where games account for the majority of app store consumer spend at 66%, while apps capture the smaller portion at 34%. 

Mobile advertising spend is not only a bigger chunk of the total revenue, but it also grew much faster at 14% YoY in 2022 despite significant headwinds such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. App store consumer spend on the other hand decreased slightly in 2022 by 2% YoY as consumers' budgets tightened amid inflation concerns. 


🔑 Key questions, answered:

  • 📱 What mobile app features are driving outstanding ad monetization in your genre?
  • 🌐 In which markets can your app realize the most positive ROAS?
  • 💰 What ad platforms are driving the strongest advertising revenue for your competitors?

With our new State of App Revenue Report, learn how powerful it is to see a full breakdown of all the revenue streams making up the $500B+ mobile economy … including a first-time ever view into competitors' advertising revenue. 



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