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  • 12 March 2024
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For those of you doing app/game user acquisition or looking for advertising leads, perhaps you are looking for a list of top advertisers under a certain app category, so you know exactly who is marketing in your local market or has ad budgets. And we have some insights for you!

You may simply go to the panel on the left hand side of our platform, find “Top Charts” and click on “Advertisers”.


We support 16 different ad platforms for this report. Once you select a single ad platform and set up the other time frame/country/device filters, you will see a list of advertisers that fit the criteria.


For example, - B2B marketplace and Temu - Shop Like a Billionaire are the top 2 advertisers for AdMob on Android phones in the U.S market in February 2024 in terms of Advertising Share of Voice.  You will see thatTemu also advertised on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube if you hover above the result in the # Ad Platform column. We are able to track 208 ad creatives from this advertiser, which you can see previews of by clicking on the number “208” in the Creatives column.


For our Ad Platform filter, you still get a list of advertisers if you choose “All Supported” or if you look at Facebook Creative Only and Instagram Creative Only, but keep in mind that you will not see specific Share of Voice/Network metrics as they are tied to individual ad platforms only 

For more FAQs regarding this report, please click here to visit our help-center article.



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