Weekly Top 5 Mobile Trends (02.19.24 - 02.23.24)

  • 26 February 2024
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We’re back with more mobile trends from last week! This week we’re talking about:

🌟 Let’s dive into the headlines…

🍎⚽Apple launches Apple Sports app 🍎

Apple launched a new iPhone 📱app this week called Apple Sports, giving users a one-stop location to check scores, team stats and betting odds. The app supports several major sports 🥅 leagues including the 🏀 National Basketball Association (NBA), 🏒 National Hockey League (NHL) and ⚽ The Premier League with more being added at a later date.

📣🎮 Nintendo Switch 2 delayed until 2025 📣

Nintendo shares have fallen 📉 nearly 6% after a report suggested the launch of the Switch 2, the next version of its flagship gaming console, would be delayed. 📆 The current Switch is nearly 7️⃣ years old and so its successor is highly anticipated, originally scheduled to be released towards the end of this year.

⏸️🧠 Google pauses AI tool Gemini ⏸️

Google has temporarily suspended ⛔the ability of Gemini, its generative AI model, to generate images 📸 of people while it works to improve the historical accuracy of image generations. Examples of the AI generated images have been found on social media leading to criticism.

📱🎶 TikTok music features are expanding 📱

Users in more than 160 new countries 🌍 will now be able to add music they find on TikTok to their streaming platform of choice. The ‘add music to app’ 🎧feature was launched in the US 🇺🇲 in November and is now available to those in other countries.

🎲🥚 Eggy Party launches globally 🎲

NetEase Games has announced that their game Eggy Party 🥳 is launching globally 🌍 today. Eggy Party is a multiplayer game where you compete with friends to overcome obstacles and survive minigames. 🏆 The game is available to download on Android and iOS devices now.

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