Weekly Top 5 Mobile Trends (09.04.2023 - 09.08.2023)

  • 8 September 2023
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Hi everyone, I’m Ella Jones, a marketing intern at data.ai. This week, we’re bringing you a round-up of the latest mobile news- check it out below! 


📰 Dive in to data.ai’s Top Five Mobile News Stories of the Week 📱🌟


Up Neobank set to launch 'Up High' premium banking for power-users! 💼🏦 Up is growing rapidly with over 715K customers and $1.5B deposits. Stay tuned to see how subscription mobile banking  progresses!  🚀 


📣 Meta explores paid subscriptions to let users skip ads. 💰This is in response to strict data regulations in Europe and potential resistance from users.  🌐


Apple and Microsoft challenge EU's 'gatekeeper' designation for iMessage and Bing under new tech regulation (Digital Markets Act).  🇪🇺💬 Companies with over €7.5bn annual turnover, €75bn market cap, and 45 million EU monthly users face regulation.  🍏💻


TikTok shop ends shopify integration, shifts to closed-loop model 🛒✂️  TikTok's transition aims to control traffic and enhance platform revenue. ByteDance targets $200 billion in merchandising volume by 2028. 🚀💰 


Apple's iPhone 15 unveiling promises enhanced features, but higher prices 📱💡Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 launch on  09/12/2023  will improve charging, camera quality, and processing power. However, pricing Is expected to rise, with pro models potentially reaching $1,618.💰


  1. Savings : https://bit.ly/3Ev9OvB 
  2. Business of Apps :  https://bit.ly/3Ew650U 
  3. FT : https://bit.ly/45HnuQd 
  4. Dao Insights : https://bit.ly/3PuTAcb 
  5. Evening Standard : https://bit.ly/44DVsUt 

Comment below if any of these news stories stand out to you! 

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