Can we keep the name of the app in appstore different for countries

  • 21 December 2023
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We have a fitness app,
now for example  -- i see that in UK the trend for Kids fitness is increasing and in US the trend for home fitness workout is increasing. 

So just to take advantage of this increasing trend, can i change the title of my app and keep 2 different title for UK and US? 
I am also thinking to change the preview images of the app. 

Is it a good idea to do so? Please share your thoughts. 

PS: And yes we do have fitness for kids as well in our app

1 reply

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This is a great question, thanks for asking it. I think changing your product name to fit trends is a great idea for increasing your exposure to different genres. 

Here, in our guide to ASO, we talked about how product updates can be useful in giving your mobile app a boost - a new name can be part of this strategy. 

I would personally avoid changing the whole app name because it can make it challenging to recognize your brand from a consumer’s point of view. When I worked in acquisition, I liked using a sub-title to keep a consistent image while making the change apparent. 

This could look something like:

Mobile Workout: Kids

Mobile Workout: Home

My preference is usually to keep the recognizable brand at the front but you can test differences with the title for SEO purposes.


Let me know if this helps!