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  • 21 September 2023
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To acquire players from the west, we are running ads on fb, instagram, google, putting out content on our game pages. Is there any specific better way that we are missing out on? Do you guys know any agency or a person who has expertise in UA specifically for western market in F2P casual mobile games?

3 replies

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Hi Jatin, I’d love to connect you to AppBroda’s (google certified publishing partner) UA team if interested. We work with a few mobile games & apps as a publisher, handling their UA and Monetization end-to-end. 

HMU if interested. Would love to know more about your games you’re building. collaborated with David DeJong, Group Creative Director, Consumer Acquisition by Brainlabs to come up with:


“5 Hot Tips from an Advertising Creative Expert”


Hot Tip 1:  Create a process for generating a fast throughput of effective ads

It pays to be consistent and systematic when generating a constant stream of ideas. Here is Consumer Acquisition’s five-point process: 

  1. Analyze competitive and creative trends with
  2. Identify user motivation and personas
  3. Organize ad concepts in a framework
  4. Test and optimize
  5. Iterate and scale


Hot Tip 2: Build a broad competitive set of ads 

“ has been a game changer for how we create competitive sets.”

It’s critical to build a broad competitive set, because it must reflect what your target audience is seeing real-time, in-market. These are your UA competitors. A successful ad must break through this clutter or fast-follow it to drive conversion. This competitive set will be much broader than what Product Teams typically consider “competitors” - some games might not even be in your genre!


To identify competitors, De Jong uses in several interesting ways:

  1. Look at the top charts report for your genre and adjacent ones
  2. Use the App Explorer and search specific keywords in the App Description
  3. Use the App Explorer and search specific keywords in the App Name

Don’t forget to add these games to your custom app group!


Hot Tip 3: Use the Creative Gallery to watch the ads - bucket them

It’s time to watch each ad keenly to identify where they fit into your framework. What’s the format and style? What product attributes are they promoting? Do they include a celebrity or known IP? What might be driving conversion? Can you identify trends among the most successful ads?


Record all these observations in your brief so your creative team can be inspired by proven winners and increase the odds of delivering high-performing concepts.


Hot Tip 4: Study the data to see which ads are delivering 

Your search results will include data such as ‘apps seen in’ and ‘days active.’ These metrics will give a good indication of which ads are converting now and enduring. Ad network AI automatically runs the highest-performing creative, so an ad that’s been running for a long time is undoubtedly a winner.


Hot Tip 5: Identify competitive apps where users spend their time; copy them!

Select a competitive app and use the ‘cross-app/web usage’ tab to identify which other apps & games users engage with across 30 days. These additional competitors have your target audience's desired mechanics and visual styles. Including these different competitors is critical to broaden your view of what’s working in-market real-time.


Use these apps/games’ ads as inspiration for your creative concepts. 

  • What elements of the games are similar to yours? 
  • What can you showcase in your creative that would seem familiar to this audience? 


Check out the full blog post here to see some of the videos associated with these tips.

As a reminder, we’re currently running a UA Strategy tips and tricks webinar series. Each webinar is only 10 minutes long and we’ve been tackling some excellent features.

We’ve already hosted two sessions and they can be viewed on-demand HERE.


You can also sign up for the upcoming UA strategy sessions on the Events page in the Community.