Understanding Breakout Performance of Apps in Your Genre

  • 5 February 2024
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Want to better understand which apps are seeing breakout performance to understand who could be taking more market share and/or learn from their successes? Look no further than our Top Apps report!


By using the Top Apps report and sorting by a metric by value change, you can identify apps that have seen strong growth over a period of time in a specific metric, whether that be downloads or active users.


Using the below example for top Food & Drink apps in the US by download change for 2023 compared to 2022, we see Dairy Queen came in at #1 for download growth. They increased their downloads by 4M YoY. WOW!


From here, we can take this one step further to understand what contributed to this growth using our Compare Report to analyze the download trends over time. We can now see that Dairy Queen experienced two significant spikes in downloads throughout the year that aligns with their 85 cent blizzard campaign! Looks like this one was a success in acquiring new users! 


Happy exploring for your own app genre! 


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